Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ferrari is on the way~

What first came to your mind from the title of this post? "Wow...her valentine's present is a Ferrari?" certain extend, you are right! A precious gift from god that is as valuable as a Ferrari and even more is on the way into our life.

Some of the friends commented earlier in my fb post about 'my dream comes true'. If you are not my fb friends, I bought a piano for myself that makes my childhood dream came true! That was one of the most exciting purchase so far and a great start of year 2015! I've got my first song played with both hands - "twinkle twinkle little star". You would never know how excited I am the moment I completed the whole song without fault...and now I'm learning my second song :) :).  Ok ok, let's talk about my piano lesson progress some other time.

Many of my friends commented about "preggie?" before I revealed the 'dream'. Oh well...although I don't have such overwhelming motherly love until dream to have a baby since I was young, you guys are still a good guesser and yes... the little one is growing together inside of me right now.

Ferrari is the name given by the daddy because daddy is a car lover just like most of the men do. During one of our conversation about cars, he said "my Ferrari is on the way". At first I was kind of believing it with the expression are so ambitious until he touched my tummy - "Ferrari". :)

He has 2 valentines this year ^^




隔天,糊里糊涂的买错了ovulation test。紧张的气氛继续升温。。。直到再买了pregnancy test, 看到那positive,一切才圆满掀开序幕。:) 不失我们一向来的相处方式,有点搞笑但也温馨。今年的情人节,他有两个情人陪他过,真幸福呐!^^